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This is a community page for young Africans who in unimaginable and dynamic ways and styles would be leaders on the continent of Africa in a few years. Registration is ongoing for the NFT webinar coming up on the 12th of February 2022. Register below and join me on the network for more.

4836 young people have registered from 11 African Countries.

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Kitan David

Aboluwarin Olaoluwa David popularly known as 'Kitan David is a UX Business Analyst and Master Strategist, spends his days with creatives and has a knack for running effective Human Capital Development programs especially for software engineers at Future Academy Africa. He has been the reason a lot of young people now work onsite and remote for American, Canadian, European and Nigerian companies. He develops growth programs and consulting services for clients at Kitan David Consulting Ltd.

He is widely known for his Pan African Evangelism called “Future of Work Africa” preparing Africans for the workplace of tomorrow.

Kitan David Network

A community of young African Entrepreneurs and career people dedicated to one another's growth with more than 4000+ members in 11 African Countries

Employee Optimization

I help startups/companies train employees for better performance and team enhancement.


At my quarterly Future of Work Africa open house events, stakeholders discuss the future of the young African as it relates to Global Participation. Past Host Cities had been Kigali, Akure, Nairobi, Lagos, Benin, Iwo.

Billionaire Boy

I'm a social being, my skills shut down Karaokes. My friends call me Billionaire Boy.

Money is the reward for solving a problem

Kitan David